Monday, May 13, 2019

Fall Tryouts

With tryouts come nerves from athletes and fear of rejection. But as Michael Jordan said:
"Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game." 
We are looking for athletes that work hard, who are dedicated, and who are willing to just try their best.

Our program likes to view tryouts as a way to get an inside look at what level all athletes are on before making a decision. As well as; do the athletes work well together? Can the athlete work well under pressure? Does the athlete have the correct attitude when faced with a challenge? Is the athlete coachable? Skill level is not the only important factor when joining a team.

We encourage anyone that is interested in trying out to give the program a chance and see if you enjoy it. Tryouts are not a mandatory commitment to joining. 

Attached below is a link to the tryout packet that was handed out at the Information Meeting. 

In this packet you will find:
- General information about the season
- What we will be evaluating at tryouts
- A letter about what it means to be apart of the team. 
- Mandatory permission slip and contact form that your athlete must have signed on the first day of tryouts to check in. 

Any further questions - Coach Simon can be contacted via Email. 
We look forward to seeing everyone there!